Weaponries can be used to give your army extra attacking power by forging stronger weapons and tougher shields.

  • 25% of your land can be used for weaponries
  • 1% weaponries gives 1% extra raw offence
  • During wars: When attacking, each % of weaponries destroys 1% of buildings (so at 30% homes, 30*0.99=29.7% of homes left) barring the modifiers (everything after 0.99 in the formula). At 25% weaps, this equals 25 arsons. The formula should not calculate the amount of buildings destroyed based on the initial figure: so it should not be 30*0.75=22.5% homes left. Rather, it should be 30*0.99^25=23.33%. This assumes 25% weaps run.
  • Players can run up to 100% of weaps.
  • Weaps provide offense bonuses ONLY up to 25% (37.5% with combat sci, as was the case out of war)

Formula: Edit

The complete formula for buildings destroyed is



Magic Mystical Rust
Thievery N/A
Attacking N/A
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