These are publically available tools to help you play Alliances At War. They are not supported by the ORKFiA (Alliances At War) staff, so please contact the creator of the program if you have any questions or comments.

Yet Another Orkfia CalcEdit

Made by: HaRRy

The working is simple. You go the advisor page of your tribe (military/construction) and copy the entire page and paste that page inside the white box on the bottom of the tool. The same can be done with archived intel. The construction helper will even remember filled in numbers for the target input fields.

Various CalculatorsEdit

Made by: hardar
  • Kill Calculator
  • Science Calculator
  • War & Hostility Calculator
  • Thief & Mage Success Rate Calculator

Various calculators designed to help you and your alliance's life easier.


Chance CalculatorEdit

Made by: Max
  • Magic Chance Distribution
  • Thievery Chance Distribution

Spell & Thievery Operation chance calculator, with distribution showing chance of N number of chances succeeding.


Made by: hardar

An all in one tool designed to help you to manage your tribe. At the moment, it requieres Microsot .NET framework 4, but is being made framework independent.

What's new:

  • Several fixes and improvements
  • Races stats are now stored in an easy to update text file.
  • Hotkeys (F2 to F12) for shorcuts (save, load, refresh ...)
  • Building page : you can now save your builds as text files and store and manage them as you want. You can share them or just keep tracks of some particular builds (warmode, turtle against mages, etc ...)
  • Added a notify icon and the programm no hides in system tray when minimized. Notify icon has it's own menu to open/close the programm and paste game pages.

ORKFiA ToolbarEdit

This toolbar is for Internet Explorer and Firefox, it consists of RSS feeds, orkfian links and unique orkfian tools

The toolbar can be found here: Click Me


ORKFiA Toolbar

Current features:


General Tools

  • Spell successrate
  • Op successrate

Alliances at War specific tools

  • Attack Calculator
  • Gain Calculator
  • Kill Calculator
  • Raze Calculator
  • Race stats

ORKFiA Classic specific tools

  • Attack Calculator
  • Kill Calculator
  • Race stats
  • Rankings – going back from age 1 of the original ORKFiA

Show own IP Wikipedia Search

Menu Consisting of links to everything you might need ingame and outside of the game.

RSS Reader

  • Orkfia Portal
  • Orkfia Portal – Forum
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del Comic
  • TorrentFreak

Other features

  • Search function
  • E-mail notifier
  • Weather information
  • Radio player
  • Option to add buttons for like calc, notepad etc
  • Possibility to add other Conduit toolbars to the same toolbar and with a really easy option to quickly switch between them
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