Conquer land with this default attack. Results depend on the target acreage and relativity to your own. Gains are greater when attacking larger foes than smaller tribes. The Orkfian Gods frown upon invading much smaller tribes.

  • >80% of your size gives good gains, 80-75% is a smaller grab and below that the gains are very little.
  • Maximum of 15% of your own acres taken (Oleg Hai 18.75%, High Elf fame dependant)
  • You capture 35% extra land on your way to the enemy's tribe. These acres can be built on right away.
  • Losses are greater for the attacker than the defender.
  • 2 fame is awarded for each acre conquered.

Gains Formula[]


  1. DefLand: Acreage of defending (target) tribe
  2. AttLand: Acreage of attacking tribe
  3. Upper penalty size limit is 300% attacker size, beyond that limit gains are halved
  4. Lower penalty size limit is 80% attacker size, grabbing someone below that, gain is reduced by


  • Attacking tribe loses 4% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 2% of defensive military units

Example of how standard attacks look in your alliance news.