In the world of ORKFiA, there are 4 resources: Money, Food, Wood, and Basics. The use of each resource usually determines the calibur of the player, as each resource has a different purpose, and is important during specific times.

Left over resources are usually stored in the Alliance Market, safe from being plundered or destroyed by enemy tribes.


Mines and citizens produce money. Money is the most important resource as it is required to train troops, explore unclaimed acres, build upon those acres, and maintain a military. Having maximum allowed homes (30% for most races) is essential for having a large income.

  • 1 cr money = 2 market credits
  • Each citizen pays 2 cr in taxes each update
  • Quanta gives 10% additional income from taxes
  • Thieves may be sent to Templu Amblo for additional income


Farms produce food. Food is required to maintain a large population (except Spirits). Without food, your tribe will starve, and population will dwindle, until you have enough to feed everybody.

  • 1 kg food = 3 market credits
  • 3 kg food can feed 20 population (population * 0.15 = amount of food eaten)
  • Lord of Harvest gives 10% increased food production
  • Thieves may be sent on Weather's Light to gather additional food
  • 20% of citizens are lost due to starvation
  • Left over food will spoil at a rate of 1 kg per every 5,000 kgs currently in the tribe.


Yards produce wood. Wood is required to build on barren acres.

  • 1 log wood = 34 market credits
  • Left over wood will decay at a rate of 1 log per every 10,000 logs currently in the tribe.


Citizens and money are required to train basic military. Basics are required to train advanced troop types.

  • 1 basic military = (basic cost)*2 + 15 market credits