Your troops rush into the lands of the enemy without care to numbers, destroying as many homes as they can.

  • Can send 50% to 100% in offense of opponent’s defense, with maximum damage dealt with 100% of offense sent. Destroys a number of homes, equivalent to 10-20 arsons depending on how much offense is sent. Homes destroyed cannot be built upon for 2 updates.
  • Generals sent on a raze need 2 more updates to recover (for all races except for Vikings).
  • Losses equal to Blasphemy Crusade.


  • Out of wars, Raze destroys ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04) homes.
Raze Damage by Race
Default ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04)
Balrog ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04) * 1.5
High Elf ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04) * (1+fame*0.00002)
Oleg Hai* ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04) * 1.25
Raven ((land*0.012) + (homes*0.04) * 0.75

*Only when sending both generals

  • During wars, you need weaponries to actually inflict damages.Bascally 1% weaponries destroys 1% homes barring the modifiers that can be found in the actual formula (see Weaponries and Walls pages).

For example:

  • Target with 45% homes loses 1.8+1.2 = 3% homes and is thus left with 42% homes.
  • Target with 30% homes loses 1.2+1.2 = 2.4% homes and is thus left with 27.6% homes.
  • Target with 15% homes loses 1.2+0.6 = 1.8% homes and is thus left with 13.2% homes.

Also, it should be noted that if the attacker is a Balrog, High Elf, or Oleg Hai you will lose more (or less, Raven) depending on their respective damage bonus (or penalty).


  • Attacking tribe loses 4% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 0.5% military units of the amount of offense sent by attacking tribe. On a 50% Raze, the defending tribe only loses 0.25% defensive military units, 75% Raze means 0.375% defensive military units lost, and so on.

Example of what a Raze looks like in your alliance news.