Storm into your enemy’s lands, capturing some easy acres, and killing up to 20% of the target citizens. Military losses are slim for the attacker and high for the defender. Attacking smaller tribes results in fewer returns.

  • Conquer about 3% of your enemy’s land.
  • Kills a minimum of of 2x the target's acres as citizens. Race modifiers apply.
  • You capture 35% extra land on your way to the enemy's tribe. These acres can be built on right away.

Gains FormulaeEdit

Land Gained = $ \frac{0.039\cdot AttLand}{\left(1+0.5\cdot e^{-8\cdot\left(\tfrac{DefLand}{AttLand}-0.8\right)}\right)^2} $


  • Attacking tribe loses 0.6% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 1% of defensive military units, as well as up to 20% citizens.


Example of what a Raid looks like in your alliance news.

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