Power measures your progress in war and also counts towards the power rankings.

Power is like hostility, but it can only be gained by warring. Moreover, the amount of power your alliance holds determines your position in the game! Instead of being the biggest, you now have to be the best warring alliance!

Whereas it was very important to provide a balanced mechanism for declaring war, this is much less an issue once at war. This is intentional, because players will want to be able to understand how to win a war.

Power Gains[]

These are the ways to gain power:


  • Grabbing an acre yields 1 power.
  • Destroying a non-home building yields 1 power.
  • Destroying a home yields ((target_land/target_homes)*0.24 + 0.2) power.


  • Killing a tribe yields target_acres/2 power.
  • Killing military yields (offpoints+defpoints)/100 power. Does not include normal military losses.
  • Killing a thief yields 1/100 power.
  • Killing a soldier yields 1/200 power.


  • 3 power per successful Fireball.
  • 6 power per Magical Void, ES and Winds of Distress.
  • Penalty of tribe_size/2 awarded to the enemy alliance when a tribe of your alliance enters Vacation Mode.

Ending a War via Power Gain[]

You need to gain (opponent_alli_size*0.25) power. That's 25% of the enemy's size in power.

Power Rankings[]

Your amount of power determines your alliance's ranking in Alliances at War!