This destructive attack can be used both to cause grievous damage and to gain resources. Your army turns farms, labs, mines and yards into rubble, plundering the ruins for goods to return home and enslaving as many as possible.

Gains Edit

  • Every farm destroyed yields 5000 kgs of food.
  • Every lab destroyed yields 20 research points.
  • Every mine destroyed yields 8000 crowns.
  • Every yard destroyed yields 500 logs

In war, Pillage has a maximum yield for 4% of the target's Yards, Mines, Laboratories and Farms; more buildings might be destroyed, but these yield no additional resources. Balrog is no exception to this rule.



Out of war Edit

Destroys ((Building*0.04)+(land*0.01335)) of Laboratories, Mines, Yards and Farms .

This means that you will destroy at least 1,335% of Labs, Yards and Mines and Farms (given the target actually has enough buildings to be razed). The more buildings the target has on top of that, the more you destroy.

In war Edit

Pillage damage is fully dependent on your Weaponries : each % of weaponries destroys 1% of buildings. Note that walls can negates destructive abilities of weaponries.

Also, it should be noted that if the attacker is a Balrog, High Elf, or Oleg Hai more buildings will be destroyed (or less, Raven) depending on their respective damage bonus (or penalty).


  • Attacking tribe loses 0.6% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 1% of defensive military units

Note: During wars, Your general will need an extra 2 hours rest after a Pillage.

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