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About ORKFiA[]

ORKFiA, also known as Alliances at War, is a web based strategy game currently hosted at http://alliancesatwar.com that is developed and maintained by its players. As a result, the game has a constantly changing and adapting Style of Play.

How to Play[]

Get a team together and conquer the land! There are 20 different races in total, with 9 available to choose from each age when beginning or resetting your tribe. Train more powerful military units and construct new buildings as you make your way to the top! Defeat your enemies by using magic, thievery, and taking their land!

Some choose to explore, while others choose to attack, but the only sure way to stay at the top is by killing all in your way.


Everyone has his or her own vision on the world of Orkfia. Over the past years several skilled writers have tried to put their vision on paper.

The Book of Iluros[]

The Book of Guran[]

The Book of Sado[]

New Pages[]

  1. Hostility - A detailed rundown on everything about Hostility and how to gain it!
  2. Power - Gain power to win wars and claim the top spot on the rankings!
  3. Diplomacy - All the information you need to know about the new Thief Operation that measures Hostility!
  4. Classic - Do you know what was unique to Classic only?
  5. Not in Play - Feeling nostalgic? Check out some stuff that has been removed forever! (maybe)
  6. Racial Rating - Comparable ratings of all races

Click here for a complete Glossary of terms used in ORKFiA.

You can view the complete list of 243 Articles.

You can also start with one of the topics below:

  • Alliances - Play alongside friends.
  • Attacks - Details of all types of attacking.
  • Buildings - Details of all buildings.
  • The ORKFiA Forum - Communicate with other players.
  • How to Kill - Killing could be the most important strategy. Learn how to master it!
  • News - Read the latest news and updates on the ORKFiA Portal!
  • Races - Analysis of ORKFiAn races including the strategic benefits of each.
  • Racial Rating - Comparable statistics of each race.
  • Rankings - Rankings throughout the history of the game
  • Research - Detailed analysis of research types.
  • Resources - What is important when?
  • Spells - Analysis of different spells available.
  • Thievery - Analysis of different thievery operations to command.
  • Toolbar - Download official ORKFiA Toolbar!
  • Tools - Useful tools to assist you in ORKFiA.
  • Tutorial - A simple tutorial to get you started
  • War - Information about warring other alliances.
  • What to Build - Get an idea as a first time player on what to build and gives some general hints and tips.
  • What to Train - Get an idea as a first time player on which military units to train.