An attack that can be used to wear a larger foe down. Unlike other attack types, your troops will engage in combat even if they are outnumbered. As long as they aren’t over powered by more than two to one (50%+ of opponent’s defence in offence), they will engage the enemy and kill as many troops as possible. They will also rain arrows over the enemy’s citizens and kill as many as they can. The attacker’s losses will be small; the defender’s losses will depend on how much offence is sent. When the total offence used is 60% of the total defence of the victim, then the victim will suffer 60% of the normal troop losses. When 80% offence is sent, 80% of normal losses will be suffered, etc.

  • Hit ’n’ Run can only be used on equal or larger opponents, land wise.
  • Generals sent on a Hit ’n’ Run need 2 more updates to recover (for all races except for Vikings).
  • There is no fame from Hit ’n’ Run.


In addition to losing military, the attacked tribe loses 5% of their citizens.


  • Attacking tribe loses 3% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 4% of defensive military units of the amount of offense sent by attacking tribe. On a 50% Hit-n-Run, the defending tribe only loses 2% defensive military units, 75% Hit-n-Run means 3% defensive military units lost, and so on.