Exploring is one of the two main ways to grow in Alliances At War. Races that use exploration as their main way to grow are commonly referred to as 'explorers'—as opposed to 'attackers' who attack other tribes for land.

What you need to exploreEdit

To send an expedition to explore you need citizens, crowns and defence. The defence and citizens costs are influenced by your current amount of land as well as other factors. For example, growth research can reduce citizen costs, whereas Barracks can reduce the amount of military you must send out on the expedition.

You will have to create a large stockpile of crowns for both the explore and more military units to defend your new land. To not get raided by stronger tribes you should store this money at the Alliance Market.

Since you're sending defence, your defence at home will be lower and increase the risk of you getting attacked. Watch out for attackers who might try and commandeer your incoming barren land during the 4 updates it takes for it to arrive.

You will also need to train defence for the new land. How much depends on how large you will become after the explore. To be safe, train more than attackers around the same size could attack you with—after your new land has arrived—and make sure your strength is high to remove yourself from the spotlight.

Explore efficientlyEdit

Although sending the explore is easy, doing it efficiently is hard. Whenever possible, it is best to do the largest explore you can, 25% of your current land size.

You can take a look at the formulae page to calculate the amount of Barracks you should build to have the lowest explore costs possible.

Exploring FormulaeEdit

Money Required (per acre):

$ (3000+(6\cdot Land))\cdot\left(1-\frac{GrowthResearch}{200}+\frac{Barracks}{Land\cdot 2}\right) $

Defense Required (per acre):

$ (0.025\cdot Land)\cdot\left(1-\frac{GrowthResearch}{100}\right) $

Citizens Required (per acre):

$ (70+(0.03\cdot Land)\cdot\left(1-\frac{GrowthResearch}{100}\right) $

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