Your thieves scout the land of the target alliance and returns with information about their hostility towards you.

  • Reveals the state of hostility towards the target alliance
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Maximum successrate: 80%
  • Thieves required: 1 per operation


Hostility Gained for War [%] Message
< 10%

We are perfectly happy with these people!

10 - 25% These people have their deficits, but they are not that bad.
25 - 50%

These people have some armies near ours! We should keep an eye on them!

50 - 75% These despicable wretches are a real threat to our noble nation.
75 - 90% This filth is about to attack us! We should prepare for war at once!
90 - 99.99% They are invading! Take up arms and fight!
> 100 % We are at war with these abominations!


Diplomacy is the only Intel Operation you cannot use on your own alliance

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