You may seize the incoming acres of enemy lands while their army is still on the move. Gains are halved if the defending tribe is 51-75% of your size, and quartered if 50% of your size or below; cannot be used on a tribe below 70% your size if that tribe is below 2000 acres.

  • Seizes enemy’s incoming acres (minimum amount 10% of enemy’s total land, can take all acres if within sufficient range).
  • Gains decrease outside of optimal grab range.
  • Losses equal to Barren Grab.
  • You capture 35% extra land on your way to the enemy's tribe. These acres can be built on right away.
  • 2 fame is awarded for each acre conquered


  • Attacking tribe loses 0.6% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 0.5% of defensive military units

Example of how commandeers show up in the alliance news