The most destructive and arguably the most feared of all attacks. Religion can be a powerful weapon. Zealously your troops will storm into your opponent’s lands. Determined to root out all heresy they will destroy buildings of magic, worship and thievery. Academies will be destroyed and thieves will be killed. Your enemy will suffer high combat losses but be warned—the attacker’s combat losses are huge as well.

  • Because of the holy nature of the Blasphemy Crusade your generals need extra time to recover from this attack. Generals sent on a Blasphemy Crusade will need 2 more updates to recover until they can be sent on another attack (for all races except for Vikings).
  • The gods demand payment in blood for their blessing. Even immortal races cannot start a crusade without this sacrifice.
  • Fame is only earned for destroyed buildings during war.


  • Out of war  : destroys 15% of Academies and kills an additional 5% of the defending tribe's thieves or mystics.
  • During wars : destroys Academies according to formula on weaponries page.

This means if you have 1000 acres of Academies, Guilds, and Hideouts, you will lose 150 Academies, 75 Guilds, and 75 Hideouts.

Also, it should be noted that if the attacker is a Balrog, High Elf, or Oleg Hai you will lose more (or less, Raven) depending on their respective damage bonus (or penalty).

Blasphemy Crusade Damage by Race
Out of Wars During Wars (1)
Default 15% 1% weaponries destroys 1% academies.
Balrog 22.5% 1% weaponries destroys 1.5% academies.
High Elf (15 * (1+fame*0.00002))% 1% weaponries destroys 1 + (fame * 0.00002)% academies.

Oleg Hai*

18.75% 1% weaponries destroys 1.3% academies.


11.25% 1% weaponries destroys 0.75% academies.

(1) : Basic estimation, more accurate infos can be found on weaponries page.

(2)  : Only when sending both generals


  • Attacking tribe loses 4% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 3% of defensive military units, as well as 5% thief units (if thief units have defensive value, they are lost on both normal and bonus loses). Military losses for the defender are reduced if the attacker sends less than 100% of the required offence. Military losses are then modified by the actual % of total defence sent, so basically sending 50% of required to break kills only 50% of the usual amount of military.
Crusade news

Example of what a Blasphemy Crusade looks like in your alliance news.

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