In this attack you target barren acres only. It potentially yields more acres than the standard attack since barren acres are easy to conquer. Using this attack on someone who has no barren acres results in zero gain. What a pity!

  • When doing a barren grab you lose less military than with a standard attack.
  • Gains are halved if the defending tribe is 51-75% your size, and quartered if the defending tribe is 50% or below
  • Barren Grab cannot be used against a tribe that is below 70% of your size if that tribe is below 2000 acres.
  • You capture 35% extra land on your way to the enemy's tribe. These acres can be built on right away.
  • 2 fame is awarded for each acre conquered

Gains FormulaEdit

$ 0.135\cdot\left(\left(\frac{DefLand}{AttLand}\right)^2+\frac{DefLand}{AttLand\cdot 3}\right)\cdot DefLand $


  1. DefLand: Acreage of defending (target) tribe
  2. AttLand: Acreage of attacking tribe
  3. 50% gains if target is 51-75% OR 300-500% attacker size
  4. 25% gains if target is <50% OR >500% attacker size
  5. 0 gains if no barren acres


  • Attacking tribe loses 0.6% of the amount of offense required to break the defender's defenses.
  • Defending tribe loses 0.5% of defensive military units
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